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Why Hindman Moving & Storage?

Why Choose Hindman Moving Instead of a Vanline:

  • You are working with ONE company. Many times when working with a Vanline you could have several people/companies that you are talking to and moving your items.
  • All of our employees work for US. When working with a Vanline many times they hire owner/operators who look for outside labor for help.
  • Our policy is to try to keep the SAME workers loading and unloading. We have found that this creates a sense of pride and responsibility with our workers. It’s always nice to know the person who is bringing your belongings to the destination. A vanline might have 10 different people handling your load, so responsibility is lost.
  • ONE dedicated dispatcher. Since you are working with one company the whole time, your shipment will be assigned to a dedicated dispatcher and they will be your contact from start to finish.
  • Our employees are PAID BY THE HOUR. This means they are not in a rush to have your shipment packed. Most vanlines pay their driver or employees a percentage of the shipment causing unnecessary damages by rushing. We assure our workers will take their time to pack things right!
  • We try to use ONE truck from start to finish. When working with a vanline many times your belongings will transfer vehicles several different times before you receive them. This usually results in damaged or lost items.