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Interstate Moves

The Federal Highway Administration, the governing & regulating agency for the moving industry, has created a table of measurements which provides the average cubic feet of most common household items. This table is the basic tool used by all companies to calculate the cost of your move, either by volume or by weight.

At Hindman Moving & Storage, we will calculate your costs using the weight mileage tarriff. This is beneficial to you, the customer, for if you have large bulky items, it doesn’t matter how much room it takes up, you’re only getting charged by the weight, unlike some other moving companies!!!

Another factor in the pricing of any moving job is the cost of packing and wrapping materials. In order for Items to be transported safely accross the country, they need to be wrapped and packed properly. Although we offer packing and wrapping services, We recommend our customers to make all possible preperations with this respect before the day of the move.

Check Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move as provided by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.